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General Principles of Surgery

The principles of surgery are in general based upon the theory of balance.  However, the application of the theory is different.  Ayurvedic surgeons point out that cases of surgery have to be treated by dividing them into two stages.  The first or preparatory stage of treatment is concerned with subduing existing inflammation, and the second stage of treatment includes the actual operation and post-surgical healing. Continue reading ‘General Principles of Surgery’

Theory of Spiritual Healing

The ancient Ayurvedic scholars analyzed all known physical and mental diseases one by one.  In doing so, they discovered that there are certain diseases that do not follow the theory of balance of the three bodily substances.  These diseases were classified into three groups: Continue reading ‘Theory of Spiritual Healing’

Review of Ayurvedic Medicines – Formulas

There are a great many formulas described in Ayurveda, with many different variations. To avoid confusion, many of the following formulas are listed with reference to the classical text in which they are described. Where no text is mentioned, the formula is a unique preparation to Dr. Mana and his tradition of Nepalese Ayurveda. Preparation and proportions will be detailed in a future text. Continue reading ‘Review of Ayurvedic Medicines – Formulas’

Review of Ayurvedic Medicines – Minerals

The section is a review of the various purified mineral preparations used in Ayurveda.  Before considering their use, please read the Important Special Caution. Continue reading ‘Review of Ayurvedic Medicines – Minerals’

Review of Ayurvedic Medicines – Herbs and Foods

This section covers some of the most commonly used medicinal plants used in the Ayurvedic tradition of Nepal. Continue reading ‘Review of Ayurvedic Medicines – Herbs and Foods’

Basics Of Ayurvedic Pharmacology (Dravya Guna Vignana)

 In this section we will briefly review about 140 of the most commonly used Ayurvedic medicines.  To understand the descriptions of the herbs, it is important first to review the basics of Ayurvedic understanding of how drugs are classified and grouped.  These concepts are reflected in the descriptions given for each individual medicine. Continue reading ‘Basics Of Ayurvedic Pharmacology (Dravya Guna Vignana)’