Important Special Caution

The information in this book is intended to present authentic Ayurvedic knowledge as described by the historical traditions and writings of Ayurvedic physicians.  It is not designed to diagnose or treat individual health problems or ailments, and nor should it be taken as medical advice or treatment. 

img_0486Simply by purchasing or reading this book does not give permission nor confer any right for health care providers to adopt the methods or use the medications described herein – it takes years of supervised study and practice to implement the principles and practices of Ayurveda correctly.  Just as there are risks associated with the use of prescription drugs, Ayurvedic remedies too should be used with caution and under proper supervision.  In particular, the alchemical preparations called “bhasmas” and “rasas” that are made with heavy metals as well as other remedies mentioned in this book are potentially very toxic and are illegal to import, prescribe or use in many countries of the world.  Some remedies such as deer musk and elephant teeth are illegal to import as they come from endangered animals.  Other remedies may contain substances such as animal urine, blood or excretions, which may have toxic substances in them such as pathogenic bacteria, chemicals and viruses.  It is therefore important to read this text with this warning in mind, and always and only use this information in a responsible way, and only after consulting with a fully trained and licensed health care practitioner.

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