Review by Aaron Leff

Over the years I have become resigned to ordering all of my books on Ayurveda from India — a lengthy and expensive process and always with mixed results. It is amazing to have a book of this caliber published in the West and without the need to know Sanskrit, Hindi or Nepalese. Ayurveda in Nepal is truly a treasure because Dr. Mana, a world-renown clinician, was the holder of an Ayurvedic lineage spanning centuries. The formulas and treatment protocols he presents have been tested not over many years but over many generations. Because this work documents long-standing and successful clinical Ayurvedic approaches to a plethora of real-world conditions I have no doubt that this book will be of great use not only to practicing clinical herbalists but also to ethnobotanists, medical anthropologists, as well as pharmocognosy and biomaterial scientists in the fields of drug discovery and research.

Aaron Leff Dipl.ST Honors
Clinical Herbalist, Yoga and Pranayama Therapist

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